Why There's So Much Sex Among Olympic Athletes

by Z Living Editors

DId you know that 450,000 condoms are being distributed to Olympic Athletes in Rio this year? Do the math… that comes out to a whopping 42 condoms per athlete.

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While there are countless stories out there offering up opinions about the amount of sex that takes place at the olympics, we want to take a moment to acknowledge its positive value and humor.

An act that has profound mental, physical and spiritual benefits, sex seems like an obvious way for these athletes to spend their free time. When you put thousands of bodies who have spent years training to get to their physical and mental extremes, it’s only natural that they let loose.

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On the funnier side of things, celebrities and media create for a lot of interesting stories and gossip. Business Insider (yes, very business-like) recently did a round-up of Olympic sexcapades throughout the years.

For those who are short on time, here's a taste:

1.    In 2000, organizers for the olympics ordered 70,000 condoms. It wasn't enough and ended up having to order 20,000 more.

2.    In 2008, after winning the gold medal, soccer player Hope Solo snuck Vince Vaughn and several other celebrities past the guards and into to Olympic Village for a party.

3.    In 2010, six athletes allegedly had a Ménage à — well, six, in a hottub in Vancouver.

4.    In 2012, hook-up app Grindr crashed at the start of the London Olympics.

While we cheer on these world-class competitors for one more week, fans and friends at Z Living can give two thumbs up to the all-around wellness vibes at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

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