Try This Healthy & Delicious Dessert Of Baked Apple Roses (Video)

by Simona Terron

Crunchy sweet apples, natural apricot preserves, freshly squeezed lemon juice and regular puff pastry: these four basic ingredients are all it takes to create a beautiful, healthy and delicious dessert thats also easy to make and looks like it took hours to prepare. Dont believe us? Check out the video below where California resident, chef Manuela M works her magic, just like shes done in several creative videos where she showcases her awesome recipes.

With quite the fan following, its easy to see why Manuelas videos and blog are popular; her recipes are simple, they focus on cooking healthy meals for the family and she shows us how easy it is to create delicious yet healthy desserts. While weve been trying to show you how healthy food can also be tasty, Manuela takes it a step further and demonstrates how it can even be attractive.

Coming back to the recipe in this video, Manuela uses apples, apricot preserve, lemon juice and puff pastry to create a rose-shaped, baked dessert that looks almost too pretty to eat. Food art, anyone?

Here are some of our healthiest apple recipes:

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