How To: Do Triangle Push-Ups To Firm Up Bingo Wings

by Trina Remedios

We’ve all been there. Standing in front of the mirror as we wave our arms to do the bye bye birdie and see how much they jiggle. It’s not just about sleeveless tops for women or sports jerseys for men, it’s about having some kind  of arm definition that makes you want to flex your muscles and feel proud, once in a while.

Lucky then that one of the most popular gym exercises serves as the perfect fix to this problem. Push-ups. Yes, The same ones you’ve probably been doing anyways, but just turned a little bit on their heads to give your arms some enviable muscle tone (especially the inner, flabbier side). Here’s how they’re done:

Step 1: Get into push-up mode. You need to lift your whole body—chest, abs, hips, and legs—till they’re all in a straight line, barring your toes which remain grounded and act as a support. But, with triangle push-ups your hands are not under your shoulders; they instead form a triangle under your chest.

Step 2: Once you’ve held position, put the traditional act of doing a push-up in motion, and keep your spine aligned and core tight while you slowly lower your body to the ground. Come up without touching and move on to the next rep.

This exercise can burn 0.036 calories every minute per pound of body weight. Make them a permanent fixture in your workout routine and rest assured, your bingo wings will get slimmer and appear more toned in due time.

PS: You can also try different variations of push-ups, as you take cue from Jeff Halevy, the host of Workout From Within who shows you how to use stairs as a prop. Alternately, the partner push-up proves to be a great way for couples to workout together. And of course for the lazy and laid-back, there are always those wall push-ups that you can try.


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