#Yoganja: Where Mary Jane & Yoga Take You To The Next Level

by Charlene Flanagan

Ever so often, there are recreational activities that offer to keep you in high spirits—whether it’s extreme sports, or something as simple as sex-ercise. But then again, they’re more or less centered around an adrenaline rush that feeds your carnal instincts.

So what then, is making a doped out yoga class so popular? Say hello to Yoganja. It claims to tap into a higher level of consciousness that most people associate with yoga and meditation anyways, although, this one does it with cannabis—in the states that have decriminalized its use, of course.

So while you’re trying to engage with your inner self in mind, body and spirit through yoga, the weed is supposed to help heighten the experience by making you uninhibited enough to propel the experience.

This trippy new class encourages participants to smoke up before a yoga session (not during). Though this practice first gained traction in San Francisco, with medical marijuana being legal in 23 states across the US, ganja yoga classes are sprouting up across the country.

Cheri Sicard, in her book ‘Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women,’ stated that “A growing number of yoga studios, in legal and medicinally legal states, are openly embracing the cannabis-exercise connection by offering 420-friendly classes that encourage students to participate ‘under the influence.’”

Now, whether you call it getting high, meditating or sacramental use, the practice of smoking up during what is traditionally a cleansing, spiritual and healthy act, seems a little counter-intuitive. But hey, if that’s what floats your boat, “Roll it up, light it up, smoke it up, inhale… exhale…”

Image Courtesy: Instagram/ kristenbadass

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