How To: Do The Cross-Body Mountain Climber To Trim Those Love Handles

by Trina Remedios

Yes, some cushion around the waist isn’t necessarily a bad thing—particularly for women who can appreciate the curvier body form. That said, it helps to tone those love handles or obliques. In fact, this is one area that on the male body, benefits from some definition as it makes the abs look more pronounced.

Make note that there are two kinds of obliques—external (top muscles) and internal (beneath it), and they extend from the ribs to the pelvis. The advantages of strengthening your obliques are not just visual; working the area reinforces your lower back, improves posture and makes the spine limber. We recommend you incorporate the cross-body mountain climber move to make the most of it:

Step 1: Get into the push-up position in such a way that your arms are directly under your chest at shoulder width. At this point, your body should be in a straight line, from your head to your ankles.

Step 2: Now, without changing the posture of your lower back, raise your left knee towards your chest but move it towards the right shoulder. Then return back to start position and repeat the same move with your other leg.

Simple, isn’t it? All you have to remember is to take a deep breath during the exertion part of the exercise and keep your chin up. Once you’ve nailed the form, move quickly and do 10 reps. Increase the number by five, every alternate week.

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