9 Months Pregnant: What Is Happening Inside Your Body

by Z Living Staff
The Final Days Of Pregnancy
Changes in Your Baby’s Growth: Muscles
Changes in Your Baby’s Growth: Skin
Changes in Your Baby’s Growth: Bones
Changes in Your Baby’s Growth: Internal Organs
Changes in Your Baby’s Growth: Hair and Fingernails
Changes Inside Your Body: Nesting
Changes Inside Your Body: Fatigue
Changes Inside Your Body: Increased Urination
Changes Inside Your Body: Body Aches

Changes in Your Baby’s Growth

  • Muscles
    Your baby is now a lot stronger than before. You will likely feel a lot happening inside the womb. Your baby will kick with more force, but less often.

  • Skin
    The skin of your baby is changing. It is slowly shedding the waxy white substance called the vernix, which is coating that protects the baby’s skin from the amniotic fluid in the womb. 

  • Internal Organs
    The lungs will now have enough of the surfactant to get it ready for air at birth. Your baby’s kidneys will make more urine, which translates to nearly two pints of amniotic fluid daily.

  • Hair And Fingernails
    Your baby will now have thicker hair. Their fingernails will also grow longer during the ninth month of pregnancy. Some babies actually have fingernails that are longer than their fingers when born, so dont freak out.

  • Bones
    While your baby's bones are developing fast, the bones in its skull will not be fully fused together at birth. In certain cases, this causes babies to be born with elongated heads or overlapping skulls, but both occurrences are perfectly normal. 

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Changes Inside Your Body

  • Nesting
    You might feel like you are becoming more restless at the end of your term, or you may feel tons of extra energy. These natural emotions may manifest in some impromptu house prep and cleaning, which is known as nesting. 

  • Fatigue
    In line with the polarizing world of pregnancy, with extra energy comes extra fatigue. This is normal because your baby is still growing. During the final month, your baby will grow up to two extra inches in height and two pounds in body fat. 

  • Increased Urination
    You will experience more frequent urination as your growing uterus continues to press down on the bladder. The baby will also shift, moving into a head first position, to get ready for the birth. This will create more pressure in the pelvic region, which further increases bathroom trips.

  • Body Aches
    Due to the growing weight of the baby in the uterus, your body may experience more aches and pains carrying the extra weight. So dont worry if you're feeling a bit more sore than usual. 

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How Different Will You Look?

Just when you think you cant get any bigger, you'll likely gain some more weight. Your breasts will grow and become tender, as they begin to leak milk in preparation for breast-feeding. You may feel huge, bloated and unattractive, but don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. It will all change completely once you give birth and bring new life into the world.

How You Can Prepare for the Actual Birth

  • Learn Breathing Techniques
    Frst-time mothers, be sure to practice your breathing leading up to labor. Classes and books are both reliable guides for making sure there are no surprises in the delivery room. 

  • Watch Out For Signs
    Water breaking? Braxton Hicks contractions or real ones? Make sure you know all the signs that could indicate that you are in labor to save false trips to the hospital. 

  • Prepare Yourself
    You have to prepare yourself mentally and physically for what is about to happen. Prepare your body by keeping it healthy. Take all your vitamins and supplements and try to only eat light, healthy foods. 

You should be proud of all that you've endured over the past nine months. There have been many challenges, aches, and pains, but soon it will all be over. Giving birth may be the hardest thing that you ever do in your life. 

Remember that after it's over, you will receive the greatest gift on offer in this life. 

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